KOOL SUPPLY Outdoor Blanket

img_3358So here we are at the beginning of football season and I am given the opportunity to review an outdoor blanket. Awesome! Just in time for cool fall nights in the stadium. No. Not that kind of blanket. This outdoor blanket, however, is perfect for my young grandson’s sit on the ground to watch his football game kind of blanket, or go for a picnic kind of blanket, or lay out under the stars ; ) kind of blanket. Here are a few of my favorite things about my new KOOL SUPPLY Outdoor Blanket. First and foremost, when I opened the package that it came in, it was perfectly folded. With a strip of Velcro to secure the fold in place. (Ha! I thought to myself. I’ve had things like this before. After I unfolded the first time, the new fold that I had created was always like a strange cloth bag of wadded up socks!). Test number one: the “re-folding”. I was so very pleased when it actually did fold right back up and I was able to Velcro it shut, looking like it did when it arrived at my house! The folded version even has a little carry handle! The blanket is waterproof, which is important to my world on the Saturday mornings that I get to attend the grandkids games! That grass is always wet!! I also love that I can wipe this blanket off, when there is that early morning coffee spill! I am very happy that I have been given the chance to review this Outdoor Blanket!  If you would also like to have one of these fabulous blankets, here is the link:

Disclaimer: I have received this product for a reduced price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.



Yoninet 8″ Professional Bypass Shears


As much as I enjoy receiving and reviewing products, I do enjoy gardening much more!!  As far as I’m concerned,  the second most important tool in my garden (behind only my garden hoe) is a very good pair of pruning shears!  My new Yoninet 8″ Professional Bypass Pruning Shears meet all of my necessary requirements:

*They fit comfortably in my hand, with very gentle to the touch hand grips  

*They are easy to squeeze.

*They have an easy locking mechanism, that keeps them safe when not in use.  

*THEY ARE SHARP!!!  The sharpness is also a very important must have.  My new Yoninet Shears cut so simply and easily thru the woodiest stems (I don’t try to cut large stems, as that is not the desired job for pruning shears).   This is the site that I found these shears, I’m sure you will be very pleased as well!

I received a discount on this purchase, because I agreed to give the Shears my true,  honest review.   

Chummy Supply’s Advanced Hip & Joint Support


Our youngest son is an absolute true cowboy. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard folks tell him that he was born in the wrong century. He is definitely the rough, tough, has to be outside, loves to ride his horse, wrestle steers, hunt and work his cattle. All that boy has to have a true boy companion…his dog, Cowboy. Cowboy travels every step of the way with our son (with the exclusion of school). We haul that dog every place we travel. He climbs mountains, hikes trails, works the cattle, whatever our son does, Cowboy does also. He’s been kicked by mad momma cows, a horse, and even a young bull once. He’s had his doggy feet tender from stickers, hot pavement, and just too many miles!! He’s like our son though, there is no holding him back! Cowboy had started a limp. I figured it was a bruise like the rest of us get, and it would soon pass. Two months passed and he was still limping. We took him to the vet, but was told that he played too hard and would just have aches and pains. I was pretty happy to see this type of supplement for dogs come up for review! I had no idea that it would help as much as it did, as quickly as it did! He took one tablet a day for about 1 1/2 weeks before the limping had totally stopped!! We have it to him for a total of three weeks (with a reduced dose, as instructed on the bottle). This has been a great discovery for our son’s very best friend. I feel truly very thankful to the Chummy Supply Company. Excellent product!!

Here is the website, check it out!

Disclaimer: I have received this product for a reduced price,  in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

MECO 5Pcs 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive


Please understand my necessity to speak “Mimi” as I review this very cool product.  I would love to have the ability to speak “techy”, but I am not too fluent in that … “language”.   😊  Now, back to mom and Mimi talk; these are really clever little gadgets!  A very generous 5 MECO 8GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Memory Stick Fold Storage Thumb Stick Pen Swivel Design came in an order!  That is seriously a LOT of pictures!!  That is my personal choice of data storage on my MECO flash drives.   My husband, however, has already swiped two of them to load his classwork as he is now enrolled in his second masters degree and also, the second one, to write notes for his lectures for the college class that he teaches.  These are perfect for both of our needs.  The MECO flash drive attaches to your key ring so you always have it available!  This is possibly my favorite thing I’ve ever reviewed.  I see this being delivered to many different circles this Christmas season!  

Disclaimer: I have received these  MECO 8 gb flash drives at a discounted price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Pick up a few of your own here:

Pro Series Biotin (3,000 mg) Premium Anti-Oxidant BlendQ

I have received the opportunity to review this product.  I have very high hopes!   Pro Series Biotin (3,000 mg) Premium Anti-Oxidant Blend, boasts to fix most of the problems that are plaguing my middle aged self!! Dry skin, thinning and brittle hair, dull complexion, brittle nails…  I have taken this, easy to take supplement (not large in size, no funky odor or taste, and, only one capsule per day), for less than two weeks now, but I feel certain that I can already tell a difference in my skin.  It seems more mousturized and supple.  I have high hopes!!!  I will try to return to this blog after completion of my first bottle to give my more complete opinion of this product!  Stay tuned….!   If you would like to try this yourself, follow this link:

Disclaimer: I received this supplement free of charge for the opportunity to review it, and then give my honest review!


I would like to pass a message along from my husband, this time.   “All travel cups are NOT made alike”!  He has became quite the fan of his new HC REFRESH 30 oz Travel TUMBLER.  He has assured me that being designed with a bottom that fits into a cup holder does not make it a desirable travel tumbler!  Each morning, I fill his new coffee tumbler full of coffee. (Yes, that’s a LOT of java!)  He tells me that he sips on this until noon, and because of the HC REFRESH double walled, vacuum sealed, stainless steel design,  his coffee remains fresh and hot all morning.  At noon, he fills it with ice water.  The lid is designed with a rubber ring around it that keeps a very snug seal.  It has a slide on it, that he drinks his coffee out of.  When he switches to water, he slides the lid to the open position.   There is a rounded notch in the opening that just fits the stainless steel straw that was also included!  He returns home in the evening, with ice that he reports is from his lunch.  The outside of his tumbler never feels hot or cold from the beverage inside the cup.  This review has been a total hit!  

Check it out here:




Disclaimer: I have received this HC REFRESH  30 oz TUMBLER for a reduced price, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I wanted these blankets for my grandbabies. They are super soft and very large both of which earn them five stars from me.
They arrived with no smell (this is important because often I have gotten stuff in from online that has had a chemical smell to it.)
The sweet unisex pattern goes all the way through. This will keep the pattern from fading over time.
The gift box they came in is a little over the top on the brand but sturdy and nice nonetheless.

I received these blankets at a discounted price in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


Ancient Greek Remedy Oil

I am ALWAYS “that” lady that will give almost anything a try that I think might help my aging appearance from happening (or at least slow it).  This particular product had this super exotic name on it AND it was Greek (we all know those women were agelessly beautiful); well, of course, I would love to try this product for review!    I am fair complected and 54 years old.   Those 2 facts set me up big for dry skin.  I was anxious to give this exotic oil a try.  I was very pleased to mist some into my hand, and not smell like I had just juiced a salad on myself.   (I would, however, do that if I thought it would help). Really no scent at all. It is a very thick, rich oil.  To call it a mist is not quite right, yet it really wasn’t a squirt either.  It has a heavy feel, to me.  I could see and feel a very favorable and noticeable difference after just two uses on my legs and hands.  Since I am a nurse, my hands are continuously washed and alchoholed (is that a word??).  They are dry!!!  I love to rub my Ancient Greek Remedy Oil onto my hands and cuticles.  I even rub it on the ends of my hair after shampooing.  This is a very good product.  I will definite add this to my regular shopping list!   If you would like to try it also, this is where you can find it:

Disclaimer: I have received this produclt for free, in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Qedertek Christmas Dragonfly Battery String Lights, 7.34ft 20 LED 8 Modes Fairy Lighting for Christmas Trees, Garden,Patio, Wedding, Party and Holiday Decorations, Multi-color


These lights are exactly what I was looking for! I needed something to put on our granddaughter’s bike when we go camping. We go to Colorado every year and everyone always rides their bikes all over the campground. Well at night I am a nervous wreck because of all the campers and because of how dark it gets. I am able to wrap these around her handle bars without restricting any over her movement and put the battery pack inside her basket! She LOVES them!
I prefer to keep them on the wave pattern while she is riding at night because it draws the most attention to her. Everyone at the campground kept asking where we found our cute bike lights at! I told them Amazon and where to find them at!

I received these lights for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
You can purchase these lights here:

LolliZ Gel Pens 100 Gel Pen Tray Set

In our family we love to color. My daughters, granddaughters, and myself all love to color! We love adult coloring books however we needed more precise mediums then traditional crayons. Enter gel pens into our world…WE ARE NOW GEL PEN FANATICS! We have tried tons of different brands.
These are by far the best value for gel pens that we have found. Here is how they arrive:
The quality is excellent. The colors are vivid and bright.
These gel pens are impressive! They have such a huge variety of colors. I am truly very impressed. The flow of ink is nice and smooth. They do have a tendency to stay wet a while but for the vibrant colors they have it is worth it.
The tray system the come in is excellent and way nice when coloring. It also makes for easy clean up which is excellent. I honestly do not think I would change anything. I will be keeping these in mind for my girls this Christmas.

I received these gel pens at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.
You can purchase these gel pens here: